You are cordially invited to participate in the Athens-2000 Workshop of FIG-Com3
"Spatial Information Management Experiences and Visions for the 21rst Century", to be held from October 4 to 7, 2000.
in the Training & Conference Centre of the National Bank of Greece, 41-43, Posseidonos Av. 16675 Glifada



The main purposes of the ATHENS 2000 Workshop are:

  1. To promote developments in the scientific-profession and applications in the field of Spatial Information Management (SIM)
  2. To enable international experts and responsible agencies to exchange experiences and ideas, and to present their work in the SIM field.
  3. To exchange international experiences and ideas gained through the establishment of Cadastral SIM projects and /or National SIM Organizations
  4. To give the chance to all local responsible agencies and experts in Greece to focus on the technical, organizational and political issues of SIM, learn the optimal use of new technology and present their own work and thoughts.

Special attention will be paid to all issues that Commission 3 deals with:

  • Spatial Information Management - technical approaches (WG3.1)
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure (WG3.2) ,and
  • Facilitating Spatial Information and Knowledge Management for Decision Support through appropriate organizational, political and business structure (WG3.3)

SIM issues like:

  1. Future scenarios in SIM
  2. Needs in Professional Development
  3. SIM for Decision Support
  4. Forecast / 4-dimension, accessibility & visualization of spatial data & information, from map sheets to seamless SIM
  5. Integration of Data - Interoperability: multi-source, multi-scale, multi-system
  6. Quality Control (Q.C.) of Spatial Information, Metadata, standards and regulations for Q.C., filtering
  7. SIM applications for sustainable development and environmental protection
  8. Organizational and Political Aspects
  9. SIM applications in Greece
  10. Technical issues of the Hellenic Cadastre,

will be addressed through the workshop thematic sessions.



You are encouraged to contribute to the Workshop by submitting your latest research, development results and ideas. Abstracts should be submitted as MS Word document, if possible by e-mail, please see INFORMATION.

Deadline for abstracts (1 page): May 31st, 2000.
Notification of acceptance: June 15th, 2000.
Delivery of full paper for publishing in the proceedings: July 15th, 2000.



The Workshop will be organized by:



The Workshop will be held at the Training & Conference Centre of the National Bank of Greece, in Glyfada, a suburb located at the Saronic Bay coast, about 15 Km from the centre of Athens, very close to the International Airport. The Conference Centre can provide guest accommodation in 30 single rooms, convertable into double on request. Hotels at walking distance or about 1km from the local center are also available. Transportation to and from the Conference Centre is provided for free. More information about the venue and the Conference facilities can be found at the Travelling Internet web site:

The Workshop will last three days 4th - 6th October, 2000. During the Workshop, there will be:

  • Technical tour
  • Technical exhibition (click to get all necessary information & Application Form)
  • Social events (formal & casual)
    • Wednesday, 4.10.2000:
      • ice-breaking party (included in the Registration fee)
    • Friday, 6.10.2000:
      • afternoon visit to the Acropolis of Athens, short drive to the historical center of Athens, walk, shopping and dinner at the well-known area of Plaka. - 35 USD / person
    • Saturday, 7.10.2000:
      • one-day cruise to the Greek islands: Aegina - Poros - Hydra (transportation to the harbour & lunch included) - 45 USD / person
  • Accompanying persons' program:
    • Thursday, 5.10.2000:
      • half-day excursion to the ancient temple of Posseidon in Sounion (45 km from Glyfada along the coastline), archaeological sightseeing, swimming (dinner in the Conference Center included in the Registration fee) - 30 USD / person

    note: the above prices are valid for a minimum of 25 persons in each event

In the region of Attica, the summertime is usually prolonged until late October or early November. More information about the weather is available at:



Registration fees:

420 USD (including bed & breakfast for 4 nights October 4th-7th, 6 meals at the Conference restaurant, coffee breaks, registration, proceedings, technical tour)

40000 GDR for participants from Greece (including registration, 6 meals at the Conference restaurant, coffee breaks, proceedings)

160 USD for accompanying persons (including bed & breakfast for 4 nights October 4th-7th, 6 meals at the Conference restaurant)

Free registration for students (including 6 meals, coffee breaks & registration)

Please note that the first night deposit is required to confirm the hotel reservation. Charging for extra nights is set to 50 USD/night for a single room. Please register before August 1st 2000.


For FIG-Com3 Athens 2000 Workshop: 4-7 October 2000

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All inquiries about the Athens 2000 Workshop of FIG-Com3 Working Group 3.1 "Spatial Information Management-Experiences and Visions for the 21rst Century", should be made to the following address:

Athens 2000 Workshop Phone: +30-1-6505643 (Ms. Eva Gianniri)
Dr. Chryssy Potsiou
+30-1-7722678 (Dr.Chryssy Potsiou)
Chair, FIG WG 3.1
Fax: +30-1-7722677