The focus of the 2nd FIG Regional Conference will be on Urban–Rural Interrelationship for Sustainable Environment. This conference is organised by the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and the Ordre National des Ingénieurs Géomètres-Topographes (National Order of Engineers and Surveyors Topographers) ONIGT from Morocco with support from the United Nations and its agencies and in co-operation with other international organizations and sponsors. The conference is open to participants from all over the world with the main focus on the Arab countries and countries in Western Africa (Francophone Africa). The conference will be the highlight of the 3rd National Surveying Day in Morocco.

ONIGT is the national surveying association of FIG in Morocco. Founded in 1996 it is a professional association whose members work both in the private sector and in the public administration. The members hold a Master’s degree (Bac.+6 years) and are entitled to the title Ingénieur Géomètre-Topographe. Their academic training is obtained at the Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan II. ONIGT has more than 750 professional members. The association is constituted by Law 30–93 and has the right to give licenses to practise the surveying profession.

FIG is the only international surveying organization that covers all surveying disciplines and links together surveyors from more than 110 countries. It has ten technical commissions. All ten commissions will participate to the conference in Morocco. The responsibilities of the professional commissions are: professional practice; professional education; spatial information management; hydrography; positioning and measurement; engineering surveys; cadastre and land management; spatial planning and development; valuation and the management of real estate; and construction economics and management. Commission 3 will have its annual meeting during the conference. The FIG Council and the commission officers (ACCO) will have their administrative meetings in conjunction with the conference.

This regional conference is

  • co-hosted by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-HABITAT, the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO and the UN Economic Commission for Africa UN-ECA
  • co-sponsored by the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) and the Arab Union of Surveyors (AUS)

The theme of the conference – urban–rural interrelationship and its role in promoting sustainable development and good environment – is clearly in the focus for all surveyors and other stakeholders worldwide as they go about their diverse tasks in development planning and resource management. The conference is also envisaged as a contribution to the international community’s efforts to advance the implementation of the Agenda 21, the Habitat Agenda, and Declaration of the Earth Summit, the United Nations Millennium Declaration and the Istanbul Declaration.

Furthermore, the conference is considered to be FIG’s contribution to the implementation of the Earth Summit which took place in Johannesburg in August/September 2002.
This conference will, in particular, provide a unique opportunity to focus on Urban–Rural Interrelationship and discuss the use of spatial information and land management issues for sustainable decision-making. The development of the surveying profession in the Arab countries and Francophone Africa is a prerequisite to provide the general public with models and tools for their long-term decision-making.

See you in Marrakech.

Prof. Holger Magel 
International Federation of Surveyors, FIG 

Aziz Hilali
Ordre National des Ingénieurs Géomètres-Topographes, ONIGT