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This invitation addresses companies or institutions that are interested in participating in the 1st call for tender issued by the Galileo Joint Undertaking under the 6th Frame-work Program and are seeking for partners for mutual proposals.

The number and diversity of attendants at the Galileo Joint Undertaking Infoday held on September 4th in Brussels, showed that there is a considerable interest in the call for tender. However, it became evident that the parties were confronted with the problem in finding appropriate partners to form a consortium with a breath of skills for a sound proposal. We believe that if this matter is not addressed adequately, it is quite probable that this results in a limited participation of SMEs in the tendering process. This in turn would imply that a substantial amount of the potential and know-how owned by SMEs and research institutions would remain untapped which would mean a loss to the whole program.

In order to address the problem for finding potential partners or subcontractors, the Technical University of Munich offers a platform in terms of an internet forum that can be accessed under Every Activity A-E is represented by a separate section, each of which contains one subsection for offering know-how, one for requesting know-how and one for posting contact information as well as more general statements of interest.

Especially large companies or consortia that may have already partially formed are encouraged to offer the opportunity for SMEs to join up with them. Since the success of this approach depends on the contribution of as many companies and institutions as possible, we kindly ask you to post your offers, requests, or statements of interest along with your contact information on the site as soon as possible.

We wish all participants a successful tendering process.

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