Nominations for FIG Commission Chairs for the term of office 2006-2010 and Chairs Elect 2004-2006

To the Member Associations of FIG,

The FIG Council has decided at its meeting in Marrakech, November 30, 2003 to extend the time for nominating chairs-elect of the commissions of FIG for 2004-2006 until 20 January 2004. These chairs-elect will then automatically be appointed as commission chairs for 2006-2010.

The reason for this extension is that by 23 November 2003 there were no nominations for Commissions 1, 4 and 6. The Council decided to extend the time for nominations for all commissions to allow the member associations to consider the situation and list of nominations as whole.

To help with your considerations the Council further decided to publish the list of nominations received. The nomination list as of today is:

  • Commission 1: Nil
  • Commission 2: Bela Markus (Hungary)
  • Commission 3: Chryssy Potsiou (Greece) and Robert Mahoney (RICS, UK)
  • Commission 4: Nil
  • Commission 5: Mikael Lilje (Sweden)
  • Commission 6: Nil
  • Commission 7: András Osskó (Hungary) and Winfried Hawerk (Germany)
  • Commission 8: Diane Dumashie (RICS, UK) proposed chair and Spike Boydell (RICS, UK/Fiji) proposed chair elect and August Røsnes (Norway)
  • Commission 9: Simon Adcock (Australia) and Kauko Viitanen (MIL, Finland)
  • Commission 10: Andrew Morley (ICES, UK)

The proposal of the election to the General Assembly will be prepared by the Commission Review Group. In making its recommendations to the General Assembly the CRG will take into consideration the following criteria and guidelines:


Candidates should

  • Be suitably qualified (IR 11.4 calls for demonstrated possession of the personal and professional capabilities needed to lead the work of the commission
  • Have the support (financial and professional) of the member association (IR 11.4)
  • Be active in the commission (IR 11.4)
  • Have the support of the commission. The current commission chair is to be consulted in every nomination and will seek further comments from the commission members
  • Represent a geographical, cultural and linguistic spread in order to present a balanced portfolio of candidates as required by IR 11.9. (Where candidates have equal qualifications then preference will be given to those nominations promoting geographical, cultural and linguistic distribution across the Commissions.)
  • Be a member of and have the formal support of their member association according to IR 11.12
  • Be well known and recognized in the profession.

Additional guidelines:

  • All nominees – both those approved and not approved by the CRG - are to be announced publicly and listed to the General Assembly.
  • If possible there should be more than one candidate per commission, per IR 11.9.
  • The final appointment of chairs-elect lies with the General Assembly per IRs 11.4 and 11.8
  • IRs 9.5 and 9.6, relating to the NRG are to be applied to the CRG process for election of chairs-elect.

Voting by the General Assembly will follow the procedure of paragraph 9.6 of the Internal Rules.

The member associations are reminded that a formal nomination letter is also needed for the current vice chairpersons of commissions so that they will be considered as candidates. In the nomination letter a curriculum vitae of the candidate shall be included and a statement from the member association that it will support the candidate in his work.

At the General Assembly each candidate will be asked to make a short speech in which he/she explains his/her goals and special competences for chairing the commission.

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