Vice President Dalal S. Alnaggar attends the 40th Congress of Ordre des Géomètres-Experts

Marseille, France, 23-25 June 2010

FIG Vice President Prof. Dr. Dalal S. Alnaggar represented the FIG President at the 40th Congress of Ordre des Géomètres-Experts (OGE) l’Agenda 21 des géomètres-experts in June in Marseille. She attended the congress for four days including meetings of the Fédération des Géomètres Francophones (FGF) and the Mediterranean Union of Surveyors (UMG). The 40th OGE congress with 700 registered participants from 30 countries was a big success. The congress focussed in three main topics: sustainable management of companies; sustainable management of territory and planning; and sustainable management of land. Mr. Benoist Apparu, Secretary of State in charge of Housing and Urban Planning, gave a keynote presentation on the 25th of June.

The programme at the 40th Congress of OGE was in French with interpretation into English. The opening address was made by OGE President Pierre Bibollet who  together with the organising committee was responsible for the congress programme. After the opening welcome addresses members of the organising committee explained in a very attractive and modern scenario the work plan of the Congress.

The first day of the congress concentrated on two main topics: "How to manage the business of a company in a sustainable way" and "How to implement the environmental responsible within a company". Both topics generated also a lively discussion. At the end of the first day the Director of the IGN gave technical notes about “The GEOFONCIER” and launched the project. The day was closed with a very well organized dinner.

On the second day four main topics were presented in an interactive way: "Permanent Extension of the Lands"; "How to Create Sustainable Land Management", "Ideas Behind Land Sustainability", and "How to Secure Property Transaction". At the end of the day there was a signing ceremony of the “GEOFONCIER” project with the presence of the president of the congress, the director of AMF and the director of DGFIP.

The gala dinner was organised at Parc Chanot where Prof. Dalal Alnaggar gave the speech on behalf of the FIG President.

On the last day of the congress at the closing ceremony there were several speeches from the local organizers and from several directors of leading companies in France. A very attractive video from the Director of the local organizing committee of the FIG Working Week 2011 was presented inviting participants to the next FIG conference in Marrakech in May 2011.

At the exhibition that lasted for three days 54 surveying companies exhibited their products.

According to OGE President Bibollet the main outcomes of the congress for the French surveyors are:

  • The implementation of Agenda 21 of the surveying profession has been considered a true strategic action plan for the surveying profession. The French OGE is the first professional body to develop a professional Agenda 21 in France. Defined according to surveys of surveyors, their employees, their customers and partners, the Agenda 21, presented at the closing session of the congress is a program of concrete actions directed towards the sustainable development. This policy document is a true starting point for the implementation of a development model which would be more respectful of man and his environment at large.
  • The modernization of public service delegation with the operational implementation, effective 1 July 2010, of the new proceedings for standard boundary delimitations, including the geo-referencing of these delimitations implemented under this same delegation of public service;
  • Launching of the GEOFONCIER portal placing French surveyors at the heart of the French digital chain;
  • The transposition of the Directive on Services, which is already substantially impacting the organization of the profession and the legal structure of its companies.

On Monday 21 June prior the OGE congress there was a meeting of the Fédération des Géomètres Francophones FGF that has been initiated in 2001. The meeting agenda focussed on major  projects had been planned and executed in different countries like Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Colombia by FIT. In addition projects in Africa implemented by ATGT and about land consolidation in Bulgaria were introduced. At the end of the meeting a presentation of the Higher School for Surveyors and Topographers was presented.

On Tuesday a meeting to initiate the Mediterranean Union of Surveyors (UMG) was arranged. Five Mediterranean countries attended this launching meeting of UMG: France, Egypt, Italy, Lebanon and Morocco. At the meeting draft statutes for the UMG were adopted. Aziz Hilali from ONIGT, Morocco was elected as the first President of the UMG; Fausto Savoldi (CNG President, Italy) and Antoine Mansour (Lebanon) were elected a Vice Presidents; and Pierre Bibollet (OGE President, France) as Secretary General/Treasurer.

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15 July 2010

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