Habitat Professionals Forum Session on "Governance - People - Professionals" at the UIA Congress in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey 3-7 July 2005

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Prof. Holger Magel, Chair of the HPF, Ms. Aydan Erim, UIA, Mr. Selman Ergyden, UN-Habitat and Dr. Lars Reutersward, UN-Habitat, at the HPF Special Session at the UIA Congress in Istanbul.

As part of the tremendous activities and sessions of UIA World Congress (International Union of Architects) in Istanbul - more than 6,000 delegates - the Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF) had an own session on the very topical theme “Governance – People – Professionals” under the chair of the FIG President Holger Magel, who is the current chair of Steering Committee of the HPF. The panellists Lars Reutersward (UN-Habitat), Holger Magel, Aydan Erim (UIA) and Selman Erguden (UN-Habitat) discussed the changed roles of planners and architects as professionals in a changed world of increasing civil society, good governance principles and citizens who ask for more participation.

As an clear outcome it was said that more than ever professionals must be able to match these new challenges. Universities have to teach very early modern methods, instruments and skills in informal planning, moderation, mediation and even conflict management.

First of all they should start to deliver this message: The citizen is an expert too regarding his experiences and knowledge about his home. The only one what should be done: he has to be trained in the “language” and inter-linkages of planning!

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President Magel making the conclusions of the HPF Session in Istanbul.

Following you can find the presentation of the session.