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Leasing agricultural land

The FAO guide on Leasing agricultural land is designed to provide information on leasing arrangements in a format that can be used by grassroots organizations that work with small farmers and others in rural communities. Fair and secure leasing arrangements that balance the interests of the tenant and the land owner can lead to improvements in access to land for farming, better agricultural production and improved access to food.

At the core of most land-leasing arrangements are three issues shared by tenant and land owner alike: risk, security and trust.

The success of the land owner-tenant relationship depends on the level of trust that can be established between them. A proper agreement can lay the groundwork for such trust, through flexibility for the land owner and security for the tenant. In this way, many potential problems or disputes can be avoided. The guide provides information for tenants and land owners who are interested in benefiting from having a clear leasing agreement. It supports the preparation of mutually beneficial lease contracts by identifying key features that make such contracts effective for both the owner and the tenant.

Leasing Agricultural Land. FAO Land Tenure Notes 1. Published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Rome, 2004.
ISBN 92-5-105167-4
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