FIG Working Week 2003

Ecole National de Sciences Géographiques (ENSG) and IGN
Marne la Vallée, Paris
April 13–17, 2003


Technical programme as pdf-file

Sunday April 13, 2003

Salons de l'Aveyron
FIG 125th Anniversary Session
Chair: Holger Magel, President of FIG

AS.1 Jan de Graeve, Director of the International Institution on the History of Surveying and Measurement: 125 Years - How FIG Was Established in 1878
- French version as .pdf-file

AS.2 Michel Godet, Industrial Prospective at Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers, France: Strategic Prospective

AS.3 Andreas Drees, Vice President of FIG: About the Future Role of FIG in a Vulnerable World
- PowerPoint presentation in .pdf

Monday April 14, 2003

Main Auditorium
FIG 125th Anniversary, Plenary Session 1 - Cadastre
Chair: Bettina Petzold, Vice President of FIG

PS1.1 Concepción Camarero-Bulló, Departamento de Geografia, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain: The Cadastre in the 18th Century in Spain

PS1.2 Pierre Clergeot, Professor at the Ecole Supérieure des Géomčtres et Topographes au Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, France: The Origins of the French General Cadastre

PS1.3 Paul van der Molen, Chair of FIG Commission 7, Netherlands: The Future Cadastres – Cadastres after 2014

Amphi Cauchy
TS 1 – Best Practices in Land Administration – Regional Perspectives
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7 (Netherlands)

TS1.1 Jürg Kaufmann (Switzerland): Cadastre as the Basic Tool for Land Administration – Need for a Big Leap Forward

TS1.2 András Osskó (Hungary): Land Administration as Infrastructure for Land Privatisation Procedures in Central Eastern European Countries

TS1.3 Michael Keller and Gerhard Hofmann (Switzerland): Development Policy and Its Influence on Cadastre Systems and Land Management

TS1.4 Andrzej Hopfer (Poland): Cadastre as a Compact Tool for Proper Land Use – via Taxation and Physical Planning


PP1.1 Christelle Faivre (France): Some Experience of IGN France International Department in Land Administration

PP1.2 Charalambos Ioannidis (Greece): Compilation of Urban Cadastral Maps: A Proposal for a Cadastral Reform Process 

PP1.3 Adrianna Pułecka (Poland): Rural Landscape Planning in Poland – Surveyors and Landscape-Architects Cooperation

PP1.4 Jean-Pierre Maillard (France): The Land Property Mastership of Euro Disneyland at Marne-la-Vallée

PP1.5 Martijn J. Rijsdijk (Netherlands): Innovative Techniques in Land Administration – Structural Allocation in Modern Land Development

PP1.6 Sevkiye Sence Turk (Turkey): The Residential Land Development Policy in Turkish Urban Areas

PP1.7 Jean Biget (France) and Dominique Paradol (France): Multi-use of Land and Use of Survey – A New Tool: Exchanges and Transfers of the Forest Lands

PP1.8 Ioan Stangu, Mugurel Enache and Mariana Ravdan (Romania): Cadastre – Feedback of Human Actions upon Environment This paper has not been presented in the conference.

Amphi Navier
TS 2 – Best Practice in Capacity Building
Coordinator: Pedro Cavero, Chair of Commission 2
Chair: Ulf Jensen, Vice Chair of Commission 2 (Sweden)

TS2.1 Marie C. Robidoux (Canada): Capacity Building in Northern Canada – One Person at a Time. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

TS2.2 Stig Enemark (Denmark): Understanding the Concept of Capacity Building and the Nature of Land Administration Systems

TS2.3 Kazimierz Czarnecki and Ryszard Szpunar (Poland): Field-training in Geodesy – State-of-the-Art 

TS2.4 Svato Michalčák (Slovakia): Impact of Information Era on Philosophy and Concepts of Tertiary Education and FIG Activities


PP2.1 Dominique Desmet (France): Public Service Delegation and Compulsory Continuing Professional Development

Salon A
TS 3 – Partnerships – PPP-Co-operation
Coordinator: Klaus Rürup, Chair of Commission 1
Chair: Paul Lohmann, Chair of Commission 8 (Netherlands)
Co-chair: Leonie Newnham, Vice Chair of Commission 1 (Australia)

TS3.1 Simon Adcock (Australia): The Procurement of Valuation / Appraisal Assessment for Government through Partnering

TS3.2 Leonie Newnham (Australia): Project Management within Professional Organisations – Where Does It Fit? 

TS3.3 Richard Davis and Paul Watson (United Kingdom): Dispute Resolution Provisions in PFI Contracts 

TS3.4 Rainer Müller-Jökel (Germany): Sustainable Urban Development in Cases of Complicated Land Ownership Situations

TS3.5 Paul Lohmann and Bennie Beuvink (Netherlands): Results of Working with the Neighbourhood Corporation Enschede B.V.: The Year 2002, the First Year in Business


PP3.1 Yaacoub Saade (Lebanon): The Real Estate Management in Lebanon and the Influence of Urban Planning and Cadastre on the Valuation

PP3.2 Bernard Bour and Jean-Yves Bourguignon (France): Process of Professional Practice and Public Service Delegation

PP3.3 Guy Francois (France): Specific Insurance Policy for “Géomčtres-Experts”  (L’Assurance chez les Géomčtres-Experts)

Amphi Cauchy
TS 4 – Best Practices in Land Administration – Country Perspectives
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: Mikko Uimonen, Vice Chair of Commission 7 (Finland)

TS4.1 David Mitchell, Ron Grenfell and Keith C. Bell (Australia): Assessing the Suitability of Land Administration to Support Natural Resource Management at the Parcel Level

TS4.2 M. Saandar (Mongolia): The Cadastral Survey and Land Registration System Development in Mongolia. Presented by Veikko Jantunen, Finland.

TS4.3 Tor Valstad (Norway): The Establishment of the Surveying and Mapping Authority of Kosovo ?

TS4.4 Felix Garrid Safie and Gracia Rosales (El Salvador): ): The Modern Administration of Lands as Key of the Modernization Process in El Salvador (La administración de tierras y su importancia en el proceso de modernización en El Salvador)

TS4.5 Arvydas Bagdonavicius and Romualdas Kasperavicius (Lithuania): Development of Land Administration – Lithuanian Experience


PP4.1 Bruno Chabal and Jean-Yves Bourguignon (France): From the Digitalized Cadastral Map toward a Vestorized one for the 3rd Contract on Computerization of the Cadastral Map on Ardeche, France (de la Grotte Chauvet au cadastre numérisé)

PP4.2 Sergei A. Shavrov (Belarus): Land Administration in the Republic of Belarus. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

PP4.3 Eleni A. Alexopoulou and Chryssy A. Potsiou (Greece): State of the Art of Real Estate in Greece and Proposal. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

PP4.4 Sergey N. Volkov (Russian Federation): Land Administration System in Russian Federation

Amphi Navier
TS 5 – Reference Frame
Coordinator: Matt Higgins, Chair of Commission 5
Chair: Mikael Lilje, Co-Chair of Working Group 5.2 (Sweden)

TS5.1 Michel Kasser and Jacques Breton (France): Necessity to Work in a Reference Frame in France

TS5.2 A. V. Gorbov and N. L. Makarenko (Russian Federation): Modern State Geodetic Frame of Russia

TS5.3 Thierry Duquesnoy (France): The French GPS Permanent Network

TS5.4 Georgi Milev and Keranka Vassileva (Bulgaria): GNSS and Gravity Projects in Europe and Bulgarian Participation 

TS5.5 Abdelkader Nadir Nabed, Bachir Gourine, Sid-Ahmed Benahmed Daho, Boualem Ghezali and Ali Zeggai (Algeria): Combination of Mixed Adjustment Model and Geodetic Lines Method to Transform GPS Coordinates into National Coordinates


PP5.1 Tomás Soler, R. A. Snay, R. H. Foote and M. W. Cline (USA): Maintaining Accurate Coordinates for the National CORS Network

Salon A
TS 6 – Current Developments in Construction Economics
Coordinator: Philip Shearer, Chair of Commission 10
Chair: Andrew Morley, Vice Chair of Commission 10 (United Kingdom)

TS6.1 Philip Shearer (United Kingdom): Measurement Based Procurement of Buildings – Where We Are Now and Where We May Go

TS6.2 Joe Martin (United Kingdom): Performance Measurement of Time and Cost Predictability

TS6.3 Murtala Oladapo (Nigeria): Earned Value Management. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

TS6.4 Joe Martin (United Kingdom): e-Procurement and Extranets in the UK Construction Industry

Amphi Cauchy
TS 7 – Best Practices in Land Administration – Technical Perspective
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: András Osskó, Vice Chair of Commission 7 (Hungary)

TS7.1 Ivan Pesl (Czech Republic): Cadastre and Other Public Registers: Multipurpose Cadastre or Distributed Land Information System?

TS7.2 Pekka Halme (Finland): Renewal of a Land Information System in Finland

TS7.3 Hans Knoop (Germany) and Wojciech Wilkowski (Poland): Integrating Electronic Platform (IPE) as a Basic Component of Cadastral System in Poland

TS7.4 Zoltán Forgács (Hungary): How to Use Digital Data and Maps in Juridical Experts’ Practice

TS7.5 Bruno Morel (France): A French Experience in Land Consolidation

Amphi Navier
TS 8 – Reference Frame – Vertical Datum
Coordinator: Adam Greenland, Chair of Commission 4
Chair: Adam Greenland, Chair of Commission 4 (United Kingdom)

TS8.1 Michel Kasser and Paul Bonnetain (France): Status of the Maintenance of the NGF French National Levelling Network by GPS

TS8.2 Ahmed El-Rabbany (Canada): Development of a Seamless Vertical Reference System: Challenges and Opportunities

TS8.3 Ruth Adams (United Kingdom): Seamless Digital Data and Vertical Datums

TS8.4 Jan Kostelecký, Jaroslav Šimek and Josef Weigel (Czech Republic): Some Reflections on the Methodology and on Reference Frames Inherent in GPS Heighting

Salon A
TS 9 – New Professional Tasks – Developing the Profession
Coordinator: Stephen Yip, Chair of Commission 9
Chair: David Smejkal, Vice Chair of Commission 9 (Czech Republic)

TS9.1 Frances Plimmer and Sarah Sayce (United Kingdom): Ethics and Professional Standards for Surveyors – Towards a Global Standard?

TS9.2 Sarah J. Banyard, Sara J. Wilkinson and Pat Turrell (United Kingdom): The Impact of Globalisation on Building Surveying in Europe

TS9.3 Richard Grover (United Kingdom): Land Markets and European Union Accession. This paper has not been presented at the conference.

TS9.4 Frances Plimmer and Greg McGill (United Kingdom): Land Value Taxation: Betterment Taxation in England and the Potential for Change

TS9.5 Saad S. Yahya (Kenya): The Valuation of Exotics. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

Tuesday April 15, 2003

Amphi Cauchy
FIG 125th Anniversary, Plenary Session 2 - Private and Public Systems in Geoinformation
Chair: T. N. Wong, Vice President of FIG

PS2.1 Nick Land, Executive Director, EuroGeographics: The Role of the National Mapping Agencies in Building Europe's Spatial Data Infrastructure

PS2.2 François Salgé, Secretary General of the French National Council for Geographic Information, France: Geographic Information Umbrella Organisations in France

PS2.3 Dr.-Ing. Holger Schade, General Manager, SICAD Geomatics GmbH & Co oHG, Germany: Evolution of the GIS Industry

Amphi Cauchy
TS 10 – Multi-Dimensional Approaches and New Concepts in SIM
Coordinator: Gerhard Muggenhuber, Chair of Commission 3
Chair: Yerach Doytsher (Israel)
Co-chair: Robin McLaren (United Kingdom)

TS10.1 Bettina Petzold (Germany): 3D City Models – Nice Toy or Basis Information of the City Council?

TS10.2 Mauro Caprioli and Eufemia Tarantino (Italy): Standards and Quality in GIS Contexts. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

TS10.3 Radoš Šumrada (Slovenia): Temporal Data and Temporal Reference Systems

TS10.4 Juha Talvitie (Finland): The Impact of Mobile Communication on Land Use Planning

TS10.5 Lars Bodum and Esben Munk Sřrensen (Denmark): Centre for 3D GeoInformation – Towards a New Concept for Handling Geoinformation
- PowerPoint presentation (and ppt-prints)


PP10.1 Jan Kolar (Denmark) and Petr Soucek and Ales Cepek (Czech Republic): XML in Projects GNU Gama and 3DGI

PP10.2 Cláudio Carneiro (Portugal/Switzerland): Computational Methodology to Filter Raster Images in GIS Applications

PP10.3 Kyoung-Wook Min and Jong-Hyun Park (Republic of Korea): Techniques for Acquisition of Moving Object Location in LBS. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

PP10.4 Do-Hyun Kim and Min-Soo Kim (Republic of Korea): XML and Inter-Operability in Distributed GIS. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

Amphi Navier
TS 11 – Organisational Streamlining by Customer Orientation
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: Martijn Rijsdijk (Netherlands)

TS11.1 Helge Onsrud (Norway): Integrating the Cadastre and the Land Register in a Single Organisation in Norway 

TS11.2 Paul van der Molen (Netherlands): Six Proven Models for Change

TS11.3 Francis Gabele and Marc Vanderschueren (Belgium): The Proactive Belgian Cadastre – In the Service of the Customer

TS11.4 Gerhard Muggenhuber (Austria): Geoinformation in Optimized Business Processes

TS11.5 Ignacio Durán Boo (Spain): “Ensenad@ Project” - Modernising the Spanish Cadastre
- Powerpoint presentation

Salon A
TS 12 – Standards
Coordinator: Matt Higgins, Chair of Commission 5
Chair: Rudolf Staiger, Vice Chair of Commission 5 (Germany)

TS12.1 Iain Greenway (Ireland): Standards - Are They Relevant in a Surveyor's World?

TS12.2 Vaclav Slaboch, Jiri Lechner and Miroslav Pizur (Czech Republic): Implementation of ISO 17025:2000 in the Geodetic Metrology Laboratories and their Role in the National Metrology System

TS12.3 David Martin, Jean-David Maillefaud and Gilles Gatta (France): The ESRF Calibration Bench Activities

TS12.4 Jaakko Santala and Vahur Joala (Finland): On the Calibration of a Ground-based Laser Scanner


PP12.1 Michel Kasser (France): The New Legal Text about the Precision of the Surveys for Public Administrations in France

PP12.2 Ave Kargaja, Ina Melnikova, Natalja Liba, Tarmo Kall and Taavi Veermets (Estonia): About Quality and Using IKONOS Satellite Image in Estonia

PP12.3 Mikko Takalo and Paavo Rouhiainen (Finland): On Use of FGI System Calibration Comparator

Amphi Cauchy
TS 13 – State of the Art and Best Practice in SIM
Coordinator: Gerhard Muggenhuber, Chair of Commission 3
Chair: Peter Laarakker (The Netherlands)

TS13.1 Keith Murray and Robert Mahoney (United Kingdom): Interoperability in Geographic Information – Technological Idealism or Business Critical?

TS13.2 Martin Scheu and Stefan Philipp (Germany): Geo-Information Management in Utilities: A Posteriori Integration of Digital Cadastral Maps

TS13.3 Chryssy Potsiou and Tassos Labropoulos (Greece): Collection, Standardization, Visualization and Knowledge Sharing of Information about NSDI Activity in Various Countries

TS13.4 Roy Hellesjř Mellum (Norway): Dissemination of Environmental Data through the Web – Examples from Norway


PP13.1 Steve H. L. Liang (Canada): A Distributed Geo-Spatial Infrastructure for Smart Sensor Webs. This paper was not presented at the conference.

PP13.2 Mohammed Essadiki and Mohamed Ettard (Morocco) and Pierre Robert (USA): Optimisation of Technical Steps of Land Consolidation Project Using a Geographic Information System: Land Reallocation Step

PP13.3 Kari Strande (Norway): Arealis on the Web 

PP13.4 Jan Bareš (Czech Republic): Management of the Collection of Digital Large Scale Maps of Prague

Amphi Navier
TS 14 – New Professional Tasks – Environmental Issues and Statutory Valuation
Coordinator: Stephen Yip, Chair of Commission 9
Chair: Stephen Yip, Chair of Commission 9 (Hong Kong SAR, China)

TS14.1 Simon Adcock and Ed Young (Australia): Addressing Environmental Issues in Valuation / Appraisal Assessments 

TS14.2 Kauko Viitanen (Finland): Education of Valuers - Visual Explorations in Real Estate Market with Neural Networks

TS14.3 Sevkiye Sence Turk (Turkey): The Use of Land Acquisition Methods in Turkish Urban Areas

TS14.4 Erwan Varillon (France): Estimation of Industrial Polluted Soils

TS14.5 Jean-Michel Citeau (France): A New Flood Control Concept in the Oise Catchment Area: Definition and Assessment of Flood Compatible Agricultural Activities


PP14.1 Giovanni Cavaliere (Italy): The Evolution of the Role of Surveyor in Agriculture

Salon A
TS 15 – Standards and Interoperability
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: Iain Greenway, Vice Chair of Commission 1 (Ireland)

TS15.1 Arbind Man Tuladhar (Netherlands): Reengineering Cadastre and Land Registration Systems and Business Opportunities 

TS15.2 Christiaan Lemmen and Peter van Oosterom (Netherlands): Further Progress in the Development of a Core Cadastral Domain Model 

TS15.3 Steve Grisé (USA) and Jerry Johnson (Netherlands): Delivering Multi-Purpose Cadastre Based on FIG Cadastre 2014 and ArcGIS

TS15.4 Arie Croitoru and Yerach Doytsher (Israel): Accounting for Discontinuities in Cadastral Data Accuracy: Toward a Patch-Based Approach

Amphi Cauchy
TS 16 – Information Infrastructure
Coordinator: Gerhard Muggenhuber, Chair of Commission 3
Chair: Keith Murray, Vice Chair of Commission 3 (United Kingdom)
Co-chair: Martin Scheu (Germany)

TS16.1 Emmanuel Tembo and Mike Manisa (Botswana): New Developments in the Establishment of the Botswana National Spatial Data Infrastructure

TS16.2 Domenic Scardamaglia, Tai O. Chan and Leonie Newnham (Australia): NRE-MAP: Building and Implementing a Generic Web Browser-Based Mapping Application to Meet the Requirements of a Broad Range of Corporate Stakeholders

TS16.3 Kari Strande (Norway): Fredskorps Exchange Programme – Co-operation on GI between Norway, Vietnam and Lao

TS16.4 Le Quy Thuc (Vietnam): Towards a NSDI for Vietnam. Presented by Trinh Ahn Co (Vietnam)

TS16.5 Enikö Kovács and Tibor Király (Hungary): Information Management at the Hungarian Land Administration by Using Internet

Amphi Navier
TS 17 – Urbanization and Informal Settlements
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: Christiaan Lemmen, Vice Chair of Commission 7 (Netherlands)

TS17.1 Mark van den Berg and Peter Hoffmann (South Africa): Development of a Cadastral and Land Management Model for Existing Informal Land Rights in South Africa

TS17.2 Punya P. Oli (Nepal): Poverty Reduction and Land Distribution to Kamaiya (Bonded Labour) in Nepal. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

TS17.3 Richard K. Bullard (United Kingdom) and Sam Zhou (Zimbabwe): Food Security Programmes

TS17.4 Madan Mohan (India): Land Encroachment Mapping Through GIS on the Northern Flank of Aravalli Mountain Hills – The Delhi Ridge 


PP17.1 Jaeik Liou (Republic of Korea): Asset-based Mapping Approaches to a Framework of Poverty Monitoring System

PP17.2 Marie Laure Guillaume (France): A New Tool for Urban Projects - Le Lotissement Dense

PP17.3 Mason Sibanda (South Africa): Rhetoric or Reality – The South African Experience of Urbanization and Informal Settlements. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

Salon A
TS 18 – Knowledge Sharing
Coordinator: Pedro Cavero, Chair of Commission 2
Chair: Bela Markus, Vice Chair of Commission 2 (Hungary)

TS18.1 Henrik Haggrén (Finland) and Esben Munk Sřrensen (Denmark): Commission 2 WG – Working Group Report on Virtual Academy
- PowerPoint presentation

TS18.2 Peter C. Nwilo and Dennis A. Osanwuta (Nigeria): Knowledge Sharing as a Tool for Professional Development in Surveying and Geoinformatics in Nigeria. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

TS18.3 Frances Plimmer (United Kingdom): Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications – The Next Stage

TS18.4 Audrey Martin, Kevin Mooney, Iain Greenway and James Davey (Ireland): The Potential of Distance Learning in Meeting the Challenges Facing National Mapping Agencies in the New Millennium

TS18.5 David Rodgers and Chris Garbett (United Kingdom): The Development of a Masters Level, Unitised Distance Learning Framework, at Leeds Metropolitan University

Wednesday April 16, 2003

Main Auditorium
FIG 125th Anniversary, Plenary Session 3 - Future Techniques
Chair: Ralf Schroth, Vice President of FIG

PS3.1 Marc Bernard and Philippe Munier, Spot Image, France: Evolution in the Use of Space Imagery - Trends and Challenges

PS3.2 Luis G. Hecht, Jr., Chair, Open GIS Consortium (Europe) Limited: OGC in the GIS Market – “What’s Next?”
- PowerPoint presentation

PS3.3 Monika Sester, Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics, University of Hanover, Germany: GIS - Achievements and Challenges

Amphi Cauchy
TS 19 – Best Practice in Positioning
Coordinator: Matt Higgins, Chair of Commission 5
Chair: Michel Kasser, Vice Chair of Commission 5 (France)

TS19.1 Naser El-Sheimy and D. Bruce Wright (Canada): Real Time Forest Fire Fighting through the Integration of Infrared Video, GPS and INS Systems

TS19.2 Dek-Kie Tcha (Republic of Korea): The Development of Wireless Network Surveying System 

TS19.3 El-Hassane Semlali, Hamid Mouatassim, Abderrahman Ardaoui and Karim Ouissoune (Morocco): Experimental Tests with GPS RTK in the Realisation of a Project of Allotment (Platted Properties)

TS19.4 Mauro Caprioli and Gianpiero Strisciuglio (Italy): The Use of GPS–RTK Techniques through National GPS-GSM Network

Poster papers:

PP19.1 Atinc Pirti (Turkey): The Criterions for Selecting Reference Points in RTK GPS Survey. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

PP19.2 Alain De Wulf and Denis Constales (Belgium): Optimal Position of Total Stations for Length Measurements of a Chord

PP19.3 Daniel Schnurr, James Kavanagh and Paul Hill (United Kingdom): Wellington etait-il geometre? RTK GPS revele Waterloo

PP19.4 Jean Berterreche (France): Permanent Reference Network Project for cm-level Real Time GPS (RTK)

PP19.5 Shaharuddin Mohd Said (Malaysia): Evaluation of GPS RTK Performance under Tropical Trees Canopy. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

Amphi Navier
TS 20 – New Professional Tasks – Marine Cadastres and Coastal Management
Coordinator: Adam Greenland, Chair of Commission 4
Chair: Adam Greenland, Chair of Commission 4 (United Kingdom)
Co-chair: Arbind M. Tuladhar (The Netherlands/Nepal)

TS20.1 Michael Sutherland (Canada): Characteristics of Marine Boundaries and Marine Boundary Information Required to Support Canadian Coastal and Marine Governance

TS20.2 Michael Barry (Canada) and Ina Elema and Paul van der Molen (Netherlands): Ocean Governance in the Netherlands North Sea

TS20.3 M. Sigit Widodo (Australia): The Needs for Marine Cadastre and Supports of Spatial Data Infrastructures in Marine Environment – A Case Study

TS20.4 David Neale (Trinidad and Tobago): The Urban Sea and Coastal Zone Management


PP20.1 Gérard Cosquer and Jean-François Hangouët (France): Delimitation of Land and Maritime Boundaries: Geodetic and Geometric Bases

PP20.2 Thomas Lowe (United Kingdom): Assessing the Potential of LiDAR / Bathymetry Integration within the Thames Estuary

Salon A
TS 21 – Computer Assisted Mass Valuation and Cost Management
Coordinator: Stephen Yip, Chair of Commission 9
Chair: Simon Adcock, Vice Chair of Commission 9 (Australia)

TS21.1 David Smejkal (Czech Republic): Software Support for Valuers

TS21.2 Ruud M. Kathmann (Netherlands): Mass Valuation in the Netherlands – From Fiscal Valuation to Multi-Purpose Valuation

TS21.3 Medard Lucas Geho (Tanzania): Prospects of Applying Computer Aided Mass Valuation in Tanzania. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

TS21.4 Albina Aleksiene and Arvydas Bagdonavicius (Lithuania): Developing and Implementing Mass Appraisal System in Lithuania


PP21.1 Dieter Kertscher (Germany): The German Digital Purchase Price Collection – Maintenance, Use, Results

PP21.2 Simon Adcock (Australia): GIS & GPS Applications in Valuation / Appraisal Assessments
- PowerPoint presentation

Amphi Cauchy
TS 22 – Surveying in Industry and Construction
Coordinator: Svend Kold Johansen, Chair of Commission 6
Chair: Michel Mayoud (France)

TS22.1 Valérie Michel, Thierry Person and Michel Kasser (France): 74 Motorized Tacheometers Aiming at 5,350 Prisms in Amsterdam: The Largest Topometric Continuous Real Time Monitoring System in the World?

TS22.2 Thomas A. Wunderlich (Germany): Terrestrial Laser Scanners – An Important Step towards Construction Information

TS22.3 Maria Joăo Henriques and Joăo Casaca (Portugal): Monitoring Displacements at Large Dams by Means of Precision Traverses

TS22.4 Raphael Goudard, Christian Lasseur and Dirk Mergelkuhl  (Switzerland): Digital Photogrammetry Applied to Large Physics Detectors


PP22.1 Albert Iavarone and Daina Vagners (Canada): Sensor Fusion: Generating 3D by Combining Airborne and Tripod-mounted LIDAR Data.This paper has not been presented in the conference.

PP22.2 Suren P. Bujukjan and Igor J. Vasyutinsiy (Russian Federation): Videomeasuring Hydrostatic System. This paper has not been presented in the conference.

PP22.3 Fengxiang Jin and Shifeng Ding (China P. R.): Analysis and Application of K-L Transform Information Features

PP22.4 Ibrahim Zeroual and Abdelkrim Liazid (Algeria): Use of DLT in Photogrammetric Metrology

PP22.5 Štefan Lukáč, Milan Žák and Ján Hardoš (Slovakia): Deformation Measurements of the Most Important Structures in Slovak Nuclear Power Plants

PP22.6 Rudolf Staiger (Germany): Terrestrial Laser Scanning – Technology, Systems and Applications

Amphi Navier
TS 23 – 3D Cadastres
Coordinator: Paul van der Molen, Chair of Commission 7
Chair: Martin Salzmann, Chair of Sub-WG on 3D Cadastres (The Netherlands)

TS23.1 Joseph Forrai and Gili Kirschner (Israel): An Interdisciplinary 3D Cadastre Development Project in Practice 

TS23.2 Tor Valstad (Norway): The Oslo Method – A Practical Approach to Register 3D Properties

TS23.3 Jantien E. Stoter and Hendrik D. Ploeger (Netherlands): Registration of 3D Objects Crossing Parcel Boundaries

TS23.4 André Hernandez (Denmark): Mining Cadastre in Tanzania
- PowerPoint Presentation


PP23.1 Jantien Stoter and Ben Gorte (Netherlands): Height in the Cadastre – Integrating Point Heights and Parcel Boundaries

Salon A
TS 24 – Education and Life-Long Learning I
Coordinator: Pedro Cavero, Chair of Commission 2
Chair: Frances Plimmer, Vice Chair of Commission 2 (United Kingdom)

TS24.1 Hartmut Müller and Peter Hotzel (Germany): Accreditation and Life-long Learning – New Issues in Geoinformatics Education

TS24.2 Sankaran Rajendran (India): Higher Education in Geographical Information Technology: University Educational Programme and Its Application to State Level Planning in India

TS24.3 Ĺsa Knutson (Sweden): Changing Teaching Concept

TS24.4 Graciela Loyácono (Argentina): The Studies of Surveying in Latin America
(* participation of this speaker has been made possible by a grant from Leica Geosystems)


PP24.1 Sara J. Wilkinson (United Kingdom): Improving Student Learning in Dissertation Research through Feedback Studies – The Sheffield Hallam Building Surveying Experience

PP24.2 Andrea Franzini (Italy): The Italian Surveyor in the Building Proceedings

Amphi Cauchy
TS 25 e-Government and e-Citizen
Coordinator: Gerhard Muggenhuber, Chair of Commission 3
Chair: Kari Strande, Vice Chair of Commission 3 (Norway)
Co-chair: Gerhard Muggenhuber, Chair of Commission 3 (Austria)

TS25.1 Mike Traynor and Robin McLaren (Scotland, United Kingdom): e-Government in Scotland – Ticking the Box or Delivering Meaningful Services to the Citizen ?

TS25.2 Vladimir Golubev and Irina Fartukova (Russian Federation): Use of Internet – Technologies in Cadastral Works in Russia

TS25.3 Peter Laarakker (Netherlands) and Stefan Gustafsson (Sweden): EULIS – Ambitions, Bottlenecks and Policy Solutions for a European Land Information Service

TS25.4 Raisa B. Yakovleva (Russian Federation): Cartographic Images in Electronic Government in the Russian Federation

Amphi Navier
TS 26 – Best Practice in Facility Management
Coordinator: Svend Kold Johansen, Chair of Commission 6
Chair: Lothar Gründig, Vice Chair of Commission 6 (Germany)

TS26.1 Hande Demirel (Turkey) and Lothar Gründig (Germany): Multi-Scale Spatial Database Integration. Presented by Frank Gielsdorf (Germany).

TS26.2 Andreas Rietdorf, Frank Gielsdorf and Lothar Gruendig (Germany): Combination of Hand Measuring Methods and Scanning Techniques for CAFM – Data Acquisition

TS26.3 Mark van den Berg (South Africa): Development of a IT / GIS Model Designed to Help Local Municipalities in South Africa to Manage Water and Sanitation Services and for the Benefit of Poor and Rural Communities

TS26.4 Michael F. Weir (USA): The Next Generation GIS/LIS – A Surveys Information System Integrated within a GIS 


PP26.1 Nizar Abo Akel, Ofer Zilberstein and Yerach Doytsher (Israel): Automatic DTM Extraction from Dense Raw LIDAR Data in Urban Areas

PP26.2 PP26.2 Frank Gielsdorf, Lothar Gruendig and Bernd Aschoff (Germany): Geo-Referencing of Analogue Maps with Special Emphasis on Positional Accuracy Improvement Updates

PP26.3 Radek Chromy and Petr Soucek (Czech Republic): PhotoPa – Database of Czech Historical Monuments

PP26.4 Mauro Caprioli and Alfredo Scognamiglio (Italy): Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning in Surveying and 3D Modelling of Architectural Heritage

PP26.5 Patrick Levesque (France): Creation and Use of 3D As-built Models at EDF

Salon A
TS 27 – Education and Life-Long Learning II
Coordinator: Pedro Cavero, Chair of Commission 2
Chair: Pedro Cavero (Spain)

TS27.1 Piero Panunzi and Giuseppe Rando (Italy): From the Updating to the Continuing Professional Development – The National Programme for the Continuing Professional Education of Surveyors

TS27.2 Bela Markus (Hungary): Educational Gateway Development

TS27.3 Angina S. Prasad (Fiji): The Surveying Challenges in the Fiji Islands

TS27.4 Michael Barry (South Africa/Canada) and Jennifer Whittal (South Africa): The Geomatics Curriculum at the University of Cape Town: A Model for Developing Countries


PP27.1 Linnéa Lindqvist and Jennie Nilsson (Sweden): The Survey Program in Sweden – A Gender Perspective

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