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Geoide Geosystems S.A.

Geoide Geosystems S.A. was established in 1996.

One of the core business of the company is surveying for civil and infrastructures constructions. The Others are laserscanner, mobile mapping, monitoring and geotechnical instrumentation.

Geoide Geoisystems is based in Portugal, but has presence world wide. 

Geoide Geosystems - Turning data into information. 


Contact information:

Geoide Geosystems S.A.
Rua Anzebino da Cruz Saraiva nÂș 342
Piso 2, Esc. 1 e 2
2415-371 Leiria
Tel. +351 244 830 200
Fax +351 244 830 209
E-mail geral[at]
Member Category: Basic level
Member no: CM-30064