FIG Council

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The Council is elected by the General Assembly. The Council consists of the President of FIG and four Vice Presidents. The President and two Vice Presidents are elected at the General Assembly during the Congress year and two remaining Vice Presidents at the General Assembly two years after the Congress. In addition commission chairs appoint their representative to the Council.

FIG Council 2023-24



Dr Diane Dumashie (2023-2026),
United Kingdom

Meet the president

Vice Presidents

Mr Mikael Lilje (2021-2024), Sweden
Mr Kwame Tenadu (2021-2024), Ghana
Ms Winnie Shiu (2023-2026), USA
Mr Daniel Steudler (2023-2026), Switzerland

ACCO Representative in the Council

Mr Tim Burch, USA, Chair FIG Commission 1 (20231-2024)

FIG Council at its first face-to-face meeting in February 2023 in Copenhagen. From left: VP Kwame Tenadu, Ghana, ACCO representative Tim Burch, USA, VP Daniel Steudler, Switzerland, President Diane Dumashie, UK, VP Mikael Lilje, Sweden, VP Winnie Shiu, USA and FIG Director Louise Friis-Hansen


FIG Council 2023-2024 at their first online meeting. From top left President Diane Dumashie, United Kingdom, Director Louise Friis-Hansen FIG Office, Vice President Mikael Lilje, Sweden, Vice President Kwame Tenadu, Ghana, Vice President Daniel Steudler, Switzerland, ACCO representative Tim Burch (Chair of Commission 1) USA, and Vice President Winnie Shiu, USA