FIG Council

Engaging the Challenge: Enhancing the Relevance

FIG Council 2011-2014

The 2011-2014 FIG Council has concluded its very last meeting. This essentially brought to a close the four-year term of this Council. In December 2014 President CheeHai Teo had an administrative hand-over meeting with President Chryssy Potsiou. CheeHai Teo wants to take this opportunity to thank all within our global community to our membership, partners and stakeholders for the support, contributions and leadership during this period. Over the past four years, many volunteers have worked and contributed towards advancing the usefulness, interest and standing of our august Federation and Profession. CheeHai Teo concludes:
as my four year term as FIG President ends, it has been a tremendous professional and personal experience and remains a privilege”.  President's letter

Vice President Rudolf Staiger (Germany, on the left), Vice President Chryssy Potsiou (Greece),  President CheeHai Teo (Malaysia),  Vice President Pengfei Cheng (China) and ACCO represenative Yerach Doytsher (Israel) and Vice President Bruno Razza (Italy) was unfortunately not present.