FIG President Stig Enemark visits the Mongolian Agency for Administration of Land Affairs, Construction, Geodesy and Cartography (ALACGaC)

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 26 May 2010

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Mr. Batsukh, Chief of ALACGaC and Stig Enemark, FIG President at the dinner function in a traditional Mongolian Ger (movable living tent)

In connection with a consultancy on the Property Rights Project of the Millennium Challenge Account-Mongolia, President Enemark met with Mr. Batsukh, Chief of ALACGaC being affiliate member of FIG.

Discussions were around the ongoing development in Mongolia towards a market economy based on clearly identified private land rights. President Enemark also met with the staff of ALACGaC and highlighted the core role of efficient and effective cadastre systems in supporting the privatization process and building a modern society.

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A view from the Ger districts towards the city of Ulaanbaatar.

12 July 2010