Yaoundé International Conference on Surveying Week in Cameroun - Semaine internationale du géomètres au Cameroun

Promotion of the Profession of Land Surveyors in Central African Countries

Yaounde, Cameroun, 10-13 April 2012

Participants of the event

The Ordre des géomètres experts du Cameroun (OGEC) organized, from 10 to 13 April 2012, an international event to promote the profession of land surveyors in this Central African country. Themes like cadastre and land property in Cameroun and in foreign countries: Canada, France, Gabon, Germany, the Netherlands, Sénégal, standards, young surveyors, were presented and discussed. Our colleagues from Cameroun had also the opportunity to present national projects that will improve land infrastructures in their country: the national geodetic network and a pilot cadastre project.

This event was strongly supported by the Ministère des domaines, du cadastre et des Affaires foncières. Her Excellence the minister Mrs Jacqueline Koung à Bessike was present at the opening and the closing ceremony and during the State dinner. She namely mentioned her support to establishing a university programme for Geoinformatics and Land Management in this country. This governmental support has been confirmed by the Prime Minister during a meeting with the Fabien Omboudou Ndjina, President of the OGEC and Stig Enemark, Honorary President of FIG. This university programme would be available for all Francophone countries in the Central Africa region.

FIG was well represented during this conference by Daniel Roberge, chair of FIG Commission 7, also representing FIG President CheeHai Teo, Steven Frank, chair of Commission 2, Stig Enemark, FIG Honorary President and Benedicta Ugwebo, FIG Young Surveyors Network representative for Africa. The Fédération des géomètres francophones (FGF) hwas represented by Alain Gaudet, Honorary President of the FGF and Géomètres sans frontières by Claire Galpin.

This event was well covered by media. Namely, representatives of OGEC, FIG and FGF have been invited to participate to a radio program on the Radio national network. They had the opportunity to better explain the role of land surveyors in Cameroun and internationally.

Congratulations to Fabien Omboudou Njina, president of the OGEC and the organizing committee for this high quality event that should contribute to strengthen the profession in Cameroun and support the up coming land reforms.

More to read: http://yicsw.info 

Daniel Roberge
Chair, FIG Commission 7

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Ms Benedicta Ugwebo, Nigerian Young Surveyors Network representative, Daniel Roberge, Mr Jean-Maie Vianney Bendegue, rapporteur general, Stig Enemark, Fabien Omboudou Ndjina, President of OGEC, Steve Frank
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Daniel Roberge and Vice President of OGEC Mr Joseph Ngassa K. during the morning radio program on the Cameroun national radio network.

20 April 2012