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Markku Villikka appointed Honorary Member of FIG at FIG General Assembly May 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria

FIG Director Markku Villikka receives his Certificate of Appointment to Honorary Member of FIG by FIG President CheeHai Teo.

The General Assembly appointed FIG Director Markku Villikka as an Honorary Member at its meeting in Abuja 6 May 2013. He has been the director of FIG since the establishment of the permanent office 1.1.1999. In total his active period in FIG is 25 remarkable years including the chairmanship of Commission 8 (1994-98). He has among other duties served as the President of the Finnish association (MIL) and as Secretary General of CLGE. Because of long term sickness, he will retire from FIG at the end of July.

Because the Director was not able to be present at the Working Week in Abuja, the Honorary membership was given to him by President CheeHai Teo during his visit to Finland 13 May 2013.

At the meeting the Director stated “I highly appreciate this recognition from the FIG members, colleagues and friends who have been essential part of my life for 25 years. It has been a privilege to be part of the process in building FIG to the organization that it is today. This would have not been possible without the devotion of so many volunteered professionals that have but their heart and soul in FIG including the many Councils and the office staff.

Personally I gained a lot by being lucky to start my work in FIG in my early 30s. Therefore I strongly encourage young surveyors to take an active role in FIG as early as possible. I wish all members and the federation all success for the years to come”.

The General Assembly endorsed the proposal unanimously, and furthermore gave Markku Villikka a big and long applause.

May 2013