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FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop

“Crowdsourcing of Land Information – The Role of Citizens and Experts in Sensing Geographical Information”

 16-20 November 2015 in Malta

The FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop 2015 was held in Malta, organized by the Malta Institution of Surveyors in the person of Randolph Camilleri, from 16 to 20 November 2015.

This year it was a joint event organized with FIG Commission 7. In total more than 80 participants were present representing 26 Countries and the program was composed by joint sessions and parallel sessions of both Commissions.

Commission 3 had 43 participants, 16 were young Surveyors.

Group photo

The three days event program offered 6 technical sessions, 5 joint sessions, more than 20 authors and 2 keynote speakers.

While the workshop focused on effective utilization of VGI within the framework of SDI and SIM, many different and interesting topics related to SDI, SIM, VGI and crowdsourcing were discussed. Other topics included also:

  • National Mapping Agencies (NMAs): practices with VGI and managing of spatial information; theory, applications and best practice studies
  • Land management tools and innovative spatial information solutions addressing global and national challenges
  • Utilization of VGI and crowdsourcing with SDI and SIM on collection, dissemination, analysis, maintenance, and visualization
  • Applications of VGI in managing the built environment, legalization monitoring, property registration, planning reforms
  • Early warning systems, climate change, natural disasters and environmental protection: adapting working paradigms; case studies and possibilities
  • Tackling VGI and PM credibility issues: interoperability, uncertainty, quality, authenticity, validity
    PM and Citizens Science – case studies and processes

From left: Enrico Rispoli (Chair Commission 3), Gerda Schennach (Chair Commission 7) and Chryssy Potsiou (FIG President)

Commission 3 held also its Annual Meeting during where the current workplan was presented including the 4 working groups, discussions between delegates took place and future actions of the Commission were planned above all referring to the next FIG Working Week 2016 in New Zealand.

The FIG President, Chryssy Potsiou, was present. A part from her opening speech, the President also presented a technical paper.

The President of CLGE was present too and there was also the participation of FAO in the person of Paul Munrou-Faure, of the Honorary FIG President, Robert Foster and of the Past Chair of Commission 3, Yerach Doytsher.

As usual, Commission 3 in the last session elected the best peer review paper. The result of the voting proclaimed as best paper the “3d Cadastre Modelling of Customary Real Property Rights” of Efi Dimopoulou, Dimitris Kitsakis and Christos Apostolou (Greece).

Accompanying persons could had the possibility to join the wounderful “scenario” of Malta, its warm weather and typical places thanks to a splendid social program organized by the Maltese Association.

Commission 3 thanks all participants for their presence, the scientific committee for the selection and preparation of the technical program, the chairs of each working groups for their cooperation, the local organizers for the whole organization of the event and last but not least the FIG Foundation in the person of the President, John Hohol, for its contribution to support the participation of the Young Surveyors.

Enrico Rispoli,
Chair of Commission 3

03 December 2015