FIG Commission 1 - Professional Standards and Practice

Working Group 1.3
International Boundary Settlement and Demarcation 


The Working Group will continue the work of Working Group 1.4 initiated and led by Haim Srebo, in the 2011-14 Work Plan, which led to the FIG Publication 59: International Boundary Making, and will continue the work of Working Group 1.3 led by Don Grant in the 2015-18 Work Plan to publish a supplementary to FIG Publication 59 dealing with international boundaries on unstable ground.

Policy Issues

To deal with theoretical, methodological, legal aspects and analysis of practical cases in international and national boundaries.

To investigate and report on the long-term definition, delineation, demarcation, documentation, maintenance, recovery and stability of international land and maritime boundaries.

To liaise with FIG Commissions 4 and 7 on matters of common interest.


Dr. Haim Srebro, Israel


What we are working on -

  • International Boundaries on Unstable Ground, Supplementary to FIG Publication 59 in 2019
  • Maritime Boundaries in 2022
  • Final report at the FIG Congress 2022

What's New


There had been good discussions on topics about the centre of valley versus thalweg: revisitig the Isreal-Jordan Aravah Boundary, and about river boundaries: the influence of changes in the Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers on the International and Cadastral Boundaries at the FIG Working Week 2019 in Hanoi. Haim Srebro and his Working Group members Don Grant from RMIT University Melbourne, Bill Robertson and Vince Belgrave from New Zealand and Andrea Cantile from Italy, have been preparing a follow-up publication to FIG Publication 59 International Boundary Making edited by Haim Srebro, which was produced through Commission 1 in 2013. This new volume is an addendum to # 59 regarding international boundaries on unstable ground. It is expected to be published before the end of 2020.