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If you are not a young surveyor, we are sure you have plenty to offer and even learn. We are always looking for Mentors to provide guidance and coaching to our Volunteer Community Surveyors. To apply to be a VCS Mentor click here and please join our mailing list.

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Who are we?

The Volunteer Community Surveyor Program (VCSP) is a collaborative global outreach program for FIG Young Surveyors to volunteer their time and skills to humanitarian and environmental causes. We Map the World a Better Place: we bring our combined global energy into the fight for two of the most important issues our generation are facing today: climate crises and lack of equal access to land rights.

The VCSP is the signature outreach program of the FIG Young Surveyor Network (YSN), providing young surveyors the opportunity to volunteer and grow by sharing their valued skills with communities globally. The VCSP is inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges worldwide. Every Young Surveyor can become a Volunteer Community Surveyor (VCS) by contributing their time, skills and knowledge through volunteerism. Their combined efforts can be a significant force for achieving development on the ground. Being a VCS can be both challenging and rewarding because it requires the young surveyor to use their skills in a new context.

The young surveyor will be challenged to transfer useful knowledge and contribute at the community level while gaining a greater understanding of the issues affecting these communities that are often marginalised and vulnerable. Meanwhile growing personally through experiencing different customs.

If you are a Young Surveyor you might also be interested in the FIG Young Surveyors Network. FIG Young Surveyors Network creates an environment that encourages the active participation of young surveyors in the work of FIG, as well as its 10 commissions. You can read more here.

What do we care about?

There are parts of our globe that are not mapped, plastics littering our oceans, vulnerable communities that have no recorded rights to their lands, and countries still recovering years after natural disasters, which are increasing in frequency. At the same time, there is a network of skilled young surveyors who are able to help. The VCSP is the link between the needy and the able for all things surveying.

The world today has approximately 70% undocumented land worldwide, increasingly devastating wildfires, cyclones, droughts, floods and sea level rise as we see the first effects of climate change, and rapid urbanization. At the root of these is increasing competition over land - our most precious limited resource. Addressing issues around the management and use of land at global, regional, country and city/municipal level is indeed one of the major challenges of our times, both in regard to addressing poverty issues as well as sustainability issues. Land related issues include unequal access to land and other natural resources, unsustainable land use, insecurity of tenure, weak institutions to resolve conflict, dysfunctional land markets and institutions, and inefficient and inappropriate land administration systems.

With the help of FIG Young Surveyors Network, surveyors of all generations have an opportunity to give back to society for self-development, exposure and experience. Surveying is a modern profession with history into ancient times. The VCSP is a powerful driver for both social impact and professional development.

How does VCSP work?

The VCSP is a holistic program, designed with a three-pronged approach that brings together different ways that Volunteer Community Surveyors can make a difference for humanitarian and environmental causes.

Wisdom Workshops

Wisdom Workshops are held one-to-two times per year, and are an opportunity for Young Surveyors who are interested in applying for an in-Country deployment and/or gaining humanitarian surveying skills to meet, network and hear from industry leaders as well as learn useful technical skills. Wisdom Workshops are a great way for Young Surveyors to get hands-on experience with the tools that VCSP Partners use as well as a unique opportunity to meet peers from around the world and form collaborations and professional relationships.

in-Country Deployments

in-Country deployments offer Young Surveyors the opportunity to become Volunteer Community Surveyors (VCSs), spending time immersed within a community for up to six weeks. During this time, they work with one of the VCSP Partner organisations (such as GLTN or Cadasta) supporting land administration efforts. This is a chance to apply their skills and knowledge while gaining important professional experience and a unique cultural experience. All VCSs are supported by the VCSP in-Country Team and by an individually-assigned Mentor for their deployment.

in-Country deployments happen one-to-two times per year, with locations varying according to VCSP arrangements with partner organisations. Join our mailing list to stay up to date with these opportunities as they arise.


e-Volunteering provides an accessible entry point for young surveyors interested in volunteering, and commitment requirements will be flexible depending on the volunteer’s availability. e-Volunteering is the term we give to programs and projects that involve online volunteering, providing FIG YSN members an opportunity to volunteer their time for humanitarian and environmental efforts.

e-Volunteering events are held several times a year, often as mapathons, and are a great way for those who cannot spare time off work or away from their family, to be able to stay connected to a global network of like-minded people.

Knowledge Portal

In order for the VCSP to sustain through time, sharing lessons and knowledge is vital. The Knowledge Portal is an online platform that Young Surveyors, Volunteer Community Surveyors, VCS Mentors, VCSP Partners and VCSP members can log in to before, during, and after a project. The in-Country programs will make use of, and add to, the Knowledge Portal. The Knowledge Portal is being developed and is planned for release in 2024.

Who is our team?

FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program

  • Roshni Sharma - VCSP Core Team Lead, based in Australia (Geospatial guru, diversity and inclusion in STEMM enthusiast, leadership coach, experimental cook and lover of all dogs everywhere).

  • Joseph Kang'ara Muta - A tech enthusiast who enjoys providing digital solutions whenever he gets an opportunity. Delights in spending his leisure time playing the game of chess!

  • Nagawa Michelle - Lead of the VCSP Knowledge Portal Team. She is a GIS Analyst, published author, research enthusiast, mother, and civic leader based in Uganda. Michy is passionate about community development initiatives.

  • Stefan Fiddler - Based in Kingston Jamaica, and a Land Surveying Professional. Passionate about UAV applications and 3D city modeling, and loves media and production, volleyball and the outdoors (hiking and camping).

  • Letwin Pondo - Based in Zimbabwe and a geospatial enthusiast who is sensitive about gender gap issues and youth inclusion in the industry. Dedicated volunteer and poet who loves travelling, cooking and movies. 

  • Opeoluwa Akinradewo – e-Volunteering Vice-Lead based in South Africa (Blockchain Technology enthusiast and Construction Information Management researcher).

  • Prajwal Sharma - e-Volunteering team member based in Nepal. Recently graduating with a degree in Geomatics Engineering from Kathmandu Univeristy, I  I work as a GIS and RS assistant at Smart Infra Tech Solution and find geography to be a fascinating and challenging subject, and I enjoy embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. I love spending quality time with my loved ones, engaging in meaningful conversations about real topics that matter to us.

  • David Elegbede - in-Country Deployment Team Lead, based in Nigeria (Geospatial and Software analyst, Team player, Researcher).

  • Shristi Paudel - in-Country Deployments Vice-Lead, based in Germany (Geospatial enthusiast fond of volunteering, dance, and traveling, who has a love for art and mountains, a book nerd with an empathetic heart).

  • Edwin Nyandeche - Based in Kenya (GeospatialEngineer, enthusiast of all things GIS, Land Surveying and Remote Sensing, interested in programming, fieldwork anytime. football and rugby anytime anywhere).

  • Angela Anyakora - a seasoned professional in Surveying and Geo-Informatics at GFSH Consult in Nigeria, is a dynamic leader and contributor to industry projects. As the Engagement Team Lead for VCSP she actively empowers young professionals. Angela's commitment extends to tackling climate challenges through her role in the FIG Climate Compass Taskforce, making her a valuable asset to the surveying and geo-informatics community.

  • Emmanuel Akandwanaho - a graduate from Makerere University, Uganda, where he completed his Bachelors in Land Economics. He was one of VCSP’s Volunteer Community Surveyor with IIRR in Uganda, and is now working with Hindsight Ventures as a market associate, helping African early-stage entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses models, being passionate about the use of technology to transform the real estate market in Africa.

  • Sutoidem Theophilus - Registered Surveyor based in Nigeria who specialises in engineering surveying and GIS. He is a surveyor by day, but a a writer by night and a dedicated volunteer at all times. Theo is passionate about research, music and swimming.

  • Mayuya Kausa - a student of quantity surveying at the Copperbelt University in Zambia. She is passionate and driven, loves exploring new opportunities for personal growth, loves learning and enjoys volunteer work.

  • Moses Mwania Mulyungi - a Kenyan Geospatial Technologist. He is a GIS and remote sensing enthusiast and loves to travel and make new friends from diverse backgrounds.

  • Thea Minnich from Germany is about to finish her degree in Surveying and Geoinformatics. With a background in cartography and an enthusiasm for programming, she works on projects that support the management of health facilities and social protection schemes. She is also a campaigner against food waste and loves all animals.

Great soils: Past Core Team members who continue to support the strategic direction of the VCSP

  • Claire Buxton - Immediate Past VCSP Core Team Lead, based in Canada (self-professed nerd, proud Kiwi, influential leader of young surveyors, and big believer in the power of service to make oneself a well-rounded person).

  • Chethna Ben - Former VCSP Knowledge Portal Lead based in Fiji (Solution orientated, community-centered, debater, and passionate about interdisciplinary research).

  • Kamsin Raju -  Former VCCSP Wisdom Workshop Team Member based in Fiji (Loud, proud, and without a doubt, everything brown! An Indo-Pacific islander with a passion for climate survival and GIS who is perpetually lost in novels).

  • Sylion Muramira – Former VCSP in-Country Volunteering Team Lead, based in Rwanda (Surveying, Geospatial modeling and analysis guru with a philosophy of serving others, expanding my expertise while contributing to society and learning new skills. Loves exploring nature through traveling, and loves cows and birds).

  • Hilal Akın - Former Communications and Marketing Team Member, based in Turkey (geomatics Engineering Student, art lover).

  • Kumbirai Nicholas Matingo - Knowledge Portal IT Support and Vice-Lead based in Zimbabwe (GIS Analyst & Developer, student, passionate and advocate for Geospatial technology for sustainable development (Health and Smart Cities) who loves coding, traveling, and music).

  • Israel Taiwo - Wisdom Workshops immediate past Lead, based in Nigeria (Teacher, comedian, and drummer).

  • Jordan Palk - Partnerships Advisor, based in Canada (geomatics enthusiast, technology passionate, sports fanatic, and cat lover).

  • Sebastian Forero -  e-Volunteering team member based in Columbia, Latin America.  

  • Godfrey Hussain - E-Volunteering team member based in Tanzania. Town Planner by professional, avid Mapper with GIS passion, and loves swimming and travelling.

  • Rose Mutegi - Geomatic Engineer with an aspiring progressive career in GIS and Remote sensing, based in Kenya. Currently a Masters student, trained and experienced with more than two years in geospatial information systems and geomatic engineering. So passionate about how GIS has been advancing in different industrial sectors as solution for different organisations. Loves playing for fun. 

  • Allan Kipto - Wisdom Workshop Lead based in Kenya. Geomatics Engineer, lecturer, passionate GIS programmer, professional table tennis player, and advocates for 'our planet, our home, our future #LetsgoGeo'.

What can I get from VCSP involvement?

What have we done?

I’m interested in sponsoring the VCSP

If you’re an organisation or business and feel that the VCSP values and initiatives align with yours, we welcome your support. We are open to opportunities to partner for Wisdom Workshops, e-Volunteering events and in-Country deployments, as well as financial and other donations to help us to achieve our goals. 

We have four partnership types - a VCSP Partner can be one, or a few of these types.  All partners will benefit from the FIG, FIG Young Surveyors Network and FIG VCSP brands, which are recognised by tens of thousands of people across many countries across the world. Partner brands and/or products will get particular exposure to young surveyors around the globe or in particular areas of interest.

Funding Partner

Funding Partners provide funding to the VCSP as a whole or in part, and using different funding models.

Technology Partner

Technology Partners provide technical resources and expertise to the VCSP - for example, many projects within the VCSP require fit-for-purpose technology solutions and/or donations of equipment, where these partners bring their expertise. 

Knowledge Partner

Knowledge Partners act as technical support, experts, and advisers. They support the VCSP through verifying and supporting knowledge transfer in deployments and e-volunteering events or providing expertise for Wisdom Workshops and the Knowledge Portal. 

Opportunity Partner

Opportunities Partners act as a link to opportunities and often act as the main deployment organization in an in-Country program, and are experienced in deploying volunteers in their regions. In terms of e-Volunteering, Opportunity Partners would be experienced in running online-volunteering. For Wisdom Workshops, these partners could be professional industry or academic institutes. The VCSP Team will work with their Opportunity Partners to identify projects, define scope, choose appropriate volunteers/presenters, then coordinate insurance, flights, and accommodation or workshops.

Join the mapping revolution today! Whether you have a spare hour for humanitarian e-Volunteering, want to attend a Wisdom Workshop, or want to dive deep on an in-Country deployment, join our mailing list today by clicking here, and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Do you see value in our cause and align with our values of Respect, Curiosity, Volunteerism, and Sustainability? Email us at vcsp@fig.net to start the conversation to support as a partner, or donate now.

If you are not a young surveyor, we are sure you have plenty to offer and even learn. We are always looking for Mentors to provide guidance and coaching to our Volunteer Community Surveyors. To apply to be a VCS Mentor click here and please join our mailing list.


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Current in-Country deployment opportunities and e-Volunteering opportunities

No longer a young surveyor? No problems! Become a Mentor for a Volunteer Community Surveyor!

Are you a seasoned surveyor with experience that could benefit a young surveyor? Do you enjoy giving back to the industry, and find sharing your wisdom rewarding?  Apply to be a Mentor (online) for a Volunteer Community Surveyor during their deployment. Apply now here

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