Updated version of the Definition of Surveyors

At its meeting in Marrakech, Morocco November 30, 2003 the FIG Council approved a proposal to an updated version of the definition of a surveyors that was originally adopted by the General Assembly in Helsinki in June 1990. In the updated version most comments received in the first draft from August 2003 have been included.

The reason for updating the definition are the rapid changes in the technology and environment in the surveying profession. The new definition covers better all aspects of the surveying like modern instruments and technology and their use (e.g. acquisition and use of spatial information from close range, aerial and satellite imagery and the automation of this process). It also cover better cartography and the use of GIS. In the original definition also some traditional surveying disciplines were not fully covered like geodesy.

The proposal was be discussed with the FIG Commissions at the ACCO meeting during the 2nd FIG Regional Conference in Marrakech in December 2003.

The Council has decided to propose the new version for the FIG General Assembly in Athens in May 2004 for its adoption.

Prof. Holger Magel, President of FIG considers the updated definition as "FIG's response to the requirements from the modern society for surveyors and he further believes that including the scientific aspects of the profession will encourage academics in the developed world to participate even more actively in the work of FIG". "FIG Definition of Surveyors will now cover the full spectrum of the surveying profession", concludes Prof. Magel his statement.