News in 2017

Preparations for FIG Working Week 2020

November 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Visiting a potential dinner venue which also had an amazing collection of old maps

Vice President Rudolf Staiger and FIG Office visited Amsterdam for the preparations for the FIG Working Week 2020. The visit included a site inspection of the modern and inspirational RAI Congress Center where the Working Week will take place. RAI is placed centrally in Amsterdam, and there are hotels in the surroundings of the Conference Center as well as a train station right next to the center which makes it easy to get to and from RAI. RAI is operating with at sustainable agenda and will be an exciting and suitable venue for the FIG Working Week.

The site visit also included possible venues for dinners and tours. On the second day of the visit there was a meeting with the engaged Local Organising Committee, with Paula Dijkstra as Co-conference Director in the lead.

FIG was furthermore kindly invited to the celebration of 185 year of Dutch Kadaster. This celebration took place at the Tuschinski Theater Amsterdam as part of the Celebration was the exclusive premiere of the documentary ‘ONTHEEMD’ (DISPLACED). This documentary, by directors John Appel and Heddy Honigmann, portrays residents from the Netherlands, Colombia and Nepal and their land rights. The documentary was quite extraordinary and showed in a special and very personal way what land rights means.

Director of Dutch Kadaster Dorine Burmanje at the Celebration introducing the Documentary


Louise Friis-Hansen
December 2017