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FIG Publications produced by Commission 7

FIG Report, 2014

This publication as a .pdf-file (73 pages - 1.8 MB)

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 60: Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration
joint FIG/World Bank publication. FIG Guide 2014

This publication as a .pdf-file (42 pages - 1.3 MB)

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 52: The Social Tenure Domain Model - A Pro-Poor Land Tool
FIG Report, 2010

The Social Tenure Domain Model - A Pro-Poor Land Tool translated into other languages:

  • Arabic   (pdf, 2015)
    ISBN 978-87-92853-40-0 (printed) ISBN 978-87-92853-41-7 (pdf)
  • French (pdf,  2017)
    ISBN 978-87-92853-50-9 (imprimé) ISBN 978-87-92853-54-7 (pdf)
  • Japanese (pdf, 2017)
    ISBN 978-87-92853-57-8 (印刷版) ISBN 978-87-92853-58-5 (PDF版)

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 36: Administering Marine Spaces: International Issues
FIG Report, 2006

This publication in B5 format as .pdf-document (1,900 KB)

  FIG PUBLICATION NO. 24: Women's Access to Land - FIG Guidelines. Principles for Equitable Gender Inclusion in Land Administration: Background Report and Guidelines
FIG Guide, 2001

ДОСТУП ЖЕНЩИН К ЗЕМЛЕ – Руководство МФТ Принципы Гендерного Равенства при Участии в Земельном Администрировании: Фоновой Отчет и Руководства 2002
  FIG PUBLICATION NO. 21: The Bathurst Declaration on Land Administration for Sustainable Development
FIG Policy Statement, 1999.

FIG PUBLICATIONS 11: FIG Statement on the Cadastre
FIG Policy statement


Other FIG Commission 7 Publications



"Cadastre 2014" is the result of a working group of FIG-Commission 7 looking at trends and developments in the field of cadastre. The working group was active from 1994-1998 and presented the results at the FIG-Congress in Brighton in July, 1998. It projected the trends and developed visions of what cadastral systems might be in 20 years' time.

Cadastre 2014 has received worldwide attention and has been translated into 28 languages.

Benchmarking Cadastral Systems

FIG Commission 7 Working Group (1998-2002) Reforming the Cadastre has published its report on Benchmarking Cadastral Systems. The report compiled and edited by Daniel Steudler and Jürg Kaufmann includes contributions from 9 case studies from different countries. The report was launched at the FIG General Assembly in Washington, DC in April 2002.

  The Bogor Declaration