FIG Commission 6 - Engineering Surveys

Working Group 6.3
UAV in Surveying

Policy Issues

As an emerging technology and excellent platform, UAV becomes more and more popular in various industries to avoid human injury in dangerous working conditions, reduce costs of human resources and accomplish tasks which are inaccessible for human beings in some scenarios. In surveying industry, UAV has greatly improved the capability, efficiency and opportunity of surveying. UAV based surveying solutions are integration of UAV platform, sensors, communication as well as software, which are able to be widely deployed in almost all surveying related aspects. As the first working group regarding UAV in FIG family, WG6.3 is not only contributing to Commission 6, but also supporting all related FIG commissions.

WG6.3’s main goals will be to support specialists in UAV surveying studies with state-of-the art solutions and provide the latest developments and future oriented concepts:

  • Gathering top UAV in surveying related companies and academic/research institutes worldwide, including UAV platform itself, flight controller, communication, various sensors as well as application software.
  • Promoting UAV associated applications in all FIG commissions, with collaboration with other commissions of FIG. Promoting studies on the potential of existing and new UAV sensors to improve trans-border applications of surveying technologies, with collaboration with FIG sister organizations and other societies.
  • Driving draft of policies and standards for UAV applications in Surveying.
  • Leading exhibition/technical sessions of UAV in Surveying during FIG working week.
  •  Initiating an award of UAV in Surveying jointly organized with other commissions.


At least one technical session about UAV in Surveying will be held during FIG working week (Normally in the second quarter).

Workshop of UAV in Surveying will be held once a year (usually in the fourth quarter) in different countries, with FIG member associations as the co-organizer in each host country. The first workshop of UAV in Surveying is going to be held in November or December 2019, China.


Hans Ni, China


What we are working on -

Hans Ni is a member of the organizing committee of FIG workshop “Professional Standards and Practice of Surveying and Mapping in the countries along the Belt and Road Routes” For more information, please visit

What's New

Hans Ni, chair of the WG 6.3, organized the Seminar on Geospatial Information, Ecological Environment and Sustainable Development, held in Deqing, China, on the 15th and 16th of December. Read the report.